Digital Collections


An important part of our mission is to provide access to information and materials stored in the Archives. Digitizing these items provides convenient access to a wider audience. This enhanced access includes full-text searching across all student newspapers and publications. In addition to better access, original materials are not handled as often, resulting in their prolonged preservation.


The Saint Rose Archives began its digitization efforts in 2007 by joining a project developed by the Capital District Library Council (CDLC). CDLC provided training, support, software (CONTENTdm), and a multi-institutional website.

In 2009, the Archives created its own, local site for these digital collections. This site has the addition of student newspapers and items specifically chosen for the interest of current students and alumni/ae.

In 2011, the CDLC website merged with six other New York Reference and Research Resources (3Rs) councils. This site, New York Heritage, is an excellent source for primary sources on New York State.

What began as 10 initial test items has grown to over 6200 items and counting! The Archives digital collections continue to be available through this website and through New York